“Dr. Shores and her staff are wonderful! Her bedside manner is fantastic and she’s very gentle and genuinely caring with the animals. Her staff is genuine and wonderful as well. She brought out suggestions and diagnosis no other vet has ever done. Very impressed with everything to do with today’s visit. My little old man is very difficult at the vet and her staff handled him with care and caution. I highly recommend this clinic. It’s also a very beautiful clinic. So happy to have found someone who cares and who I feel comfortable with!”
Chaz M.

“The staff was absolutely amazing and most importantly, patient with a worried puppy parent. They allowed me to bring in my puppy on a moments notice they were warm and inviting. We were able to get my puppy nursed back to health and had a call from the Dr. personally to help ease my mind and let me know my baby is going to be okay. I HIGHLY recommend you bring your furry babies here. They will be well taken care of. I know mine was!”
Chris B.

“Dr. Shores has been absolutely amazing! Our bulldog was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and she was able to make him comfortable and we got an extra month with him that we would not have gotten had he went to another vet. She has been providing phenomenal care to all 3 of our dogs. I would definitely recommend!!!”
Erin M.